My name is Ariana Pearl Velazquez but you can call me Ari.


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Southern California girl with uniquely-chic sensibilities looking to make her mark on fashion and the world.

In elementary school I made collages out of teen-bop magazines inspired by color palettes and the art of juxtaposition. I continued on to create multiple, slightly burn book-esque style, scrapbooks full of self-shot photos of friends and foes. I scrapbooked with the same flair and attention to detail that a grandmother* would give to her firstborn grandchild. In middle school I covered 3 out of the 4 walls in my room with magazine tear sheets and in high school I, wrongly, came in at 2nd place for best-dressed. Just kidding guys - if you're reading this Jennica, no hard feelings. Promise.

In every crevice of my life, aesthetic, fashion and creativity have crept in and given my soul pleasure even when I didn't know it. Like when I got my first point and shoot camera. It is funny looking back at some of the photos now because they are a window into my style and eye for photography today; everyday things reimagined and plenty of roadside magic.

Big ups to my family who have always nurtured my creativity and lack of admiration for a 'job' and instead have given me the gift of finding a career out of my passions.

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2014 with a degree in Visual Communications. Since, I have been freelancing in San Diego helping small businesses with the creative and digital side of marketing that can so often go neglected. I enjoy working with small businesses because I admire entrepreneurship and have yet to find a company I am ready to dedicate my 9-5's to.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, thrifting, traveling, cuddling with my dogs and taking long walks on the beach, in case anyone was wondering.

I pride myself on being great at curation in any and all aspects of the word. Whether it is curating a team of amazing creatives to bring a concept to life or curating a collection of words and images together for a blog post, I know how to put elements together to help them communicate a brands message in the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing way. While working and building my resumé I am looking to increase my skills in both art direction and wardrobe styling.

Until then, let's work together!

Represented by Adolescent Content

For all photography inquiries please contact
alli@adolescentcontent.com and hope@adolescentcontent.com

*Grandmother reference - important detail:
I credit my grandmother for a lot. She was a woman who showed me that monochromatic outfits were a-ok. Pant suits, also a winner and that a good sense of humor is one of the best traits to have at all times. I still wear loads of my grandmothers clothing and jewelry and who she was shaped so much of who I am. #UltimateGrandmaInspiration