Concert Rundown

Beach Fossils @ The Irenic

Beach Fossils; angsty beach anthems for angsty teens. 

So obviously, I love them. I believe my brother introduced me to them and then I downloaded their entire discography and that was that. No turning back from there. 

They played last week at the Irenic in North Park which is coincidentally a church. Or was a church(?) Not sure, there was still a crucifix hanging from the ceiling, so it is hard to say because people were also drinking alcohol and littering everywhere, so like I said, hard to say. 

Nevertheless, the show was awesome!
We got there right before doors opened so we had the opportunity to be real up close and personal, but after the first opening band Axxa/Abraxas, who were really cool by the way (also so totally influenced by Mac DeMarco, they all looked like clones in different colors and sizes-Which is also an interesting topic to revisit sometime, like how that whole style has popularized) we decided to move it to the back. 

1. Because Beach Fossils is the kind of the music you want to throw your body around to in a Molly Ringwald circa Breakfast Club kind of way and when you're cramped up in the front there just isn't sufficient room to do that properly but also,

2. Both William and I got tattoos only hours before and wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be any possible injury/nasty stuff happening to our new art

I chilled in the mid-back section of the venue for all of Heavenly Beat and Beach Fossils and thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
I didn't recognize Heavenly Beat when I found out he was opening, but once he started playing there were a few songs that I was absolutely sure I had heard before. And though I still have yet to put my finger on exactly where, I am almost positive they used to/do still play some of the tracks at Urban or I heard it played on Pandora. 
I am not totally sure, but either way it was a pleasant surprise! 
Heavenly Beat is a little bit like the Dodo's but more pop-y. The beats are crazy amazing and danceable but he gets up there with an acoustic guitar and you're just sort of like what? Mind you, in the best kind of "WTF?" way possible, because once he starts you're just like YES!
I don't know if any of that made sense, but it should. 
The songs are also sort of inadvertently sexual in a really pleasant way. Like he breathes a lot heavily on the microphone and it is just a little something extra that makes you feel like moving your hips side to side. It is awesome. 

Beach Fossils on the other hand, well, lets just say our buddies that I decided to part with in the very front were sweaty and gross by the time the show was over. 
side note:  I suppose that isn't saying much because it was hot as balls in there! They should really think about an AC system.
I was also a bit sweaty and gross but not as bad had I of been in the front where I initially thought I wanted to be. The moshing began pretty early on and continued through the set. Kiddos were even stage diving, which I think it sort of crazy because the stage was like hardly even a foot higher than where the audience was, but they looked like they were enjoying themselves, so that is good. 

*I have this fantasy about crowd surfing. I would be standing next to a couple of guys, they are all there alone.. like not in a gay way, but like in a way that they are all such good friends that is cool for them to travel in a pack of just weenies alone and no one questions it. Anyways, one of the guys is particularly adorable and as I am doing my best bodily impersonation of Molly Ringwald, the adorable boy and one of his friends grab me and I begin to crowd surf. And it doesn't feel like a bunch of strange sweaty hands all over my adorable outfit and grabbing at my plump butt (because in this fantasy I've got a real nice ass) but instead it feels like I am floating, no wait drifting along a field of flowers, their petals just carrying me along. And then the dream ends when I am finally dropped at the other side of the venue because my ride is over. Luckily my ass breaks my fall. But as I fall on my butt and instinctively check to make sure my phone is fine, I realize it is gone! Fast forward through my freaking out about my phone while still trying to enjoy the show, probably Arctic Monkeys, the show ends, I walk outside ready to go ask the venue if anyone has returned my most treasured item of 22nd century technology and there he is. Yes, it is the adorable boy who picked me up to begin with. In doing so, my phone fell out, he grabbed it and tried to find me, but was unsuccessful until now. And then who knows what happens, but it would be nice for even just that. I mean, I obviously get my phone back, but I mean, who knows what happens with him? Doesn't really matter I suppose, that is why it is a fantasy, HA!

Well, I just got real twirled up in that, I don't even know where I was before. Oh yes, one kid even jumped off of a speaker, yeah, and then he fell flat on his face, no one caught him. But you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. The music really gets to you in those moments. I am almost 100% sure I myself look like I am having some sort of medical malfunction as I dance. But it is fine. 

The rest of the show was awesome, they played literally almost  every song I had been dying to hear and I left completely satisfied. Some of the best $15 I have ever spent. Seriously. 

Here are a few lame images I snapped in between my seizure-like dance-a-thon. Hope you like them!