Concert Rundown

Hall & Oates @ SDSU Open Air Theater

So, did you know that John Oates is like a little mini human? I didn't know that. 

But that is besides the point. 

They rocked this weekend. 

Hall & Oates are by no means young anymore and they sounded perfect. 

Of course they played all the good ones. They opened with Maneater and closed with Private eyes, if that says anything for you. Daryl was wearing sunglasses the entire time but he was rocking out. 
The only thing I think I found myself a little disappointed in was that they added all these little "ohh's and ahh's" to the songs or slowed them down and didn't sing to the melody all the time. Like I get it, they are old and probably really tired of the songs they have played 100+ times, but I just paid $80 and I want to be able to sing along to the song with them without sounding stupid because they are singing behind the entire amphitheater. 
A N N O Y I N G .

But it is fine, I mean, obviously they are legends. Anything that they do is gold. 

However, I also didn't like when they each promoted like their little things that they are doing solo on the side. Not cute. I hate that stuff. 

On the other hand, it was amazing listening to all of these songs that I have been listening to since I was a child. Listening to the intro's of every song, especially Sara Smile, I just got chills. I literally teared up during that song. It was so beautiful and just as great as I imagined it would be. 

All things aside, I sang along to the versions of the songs that I know and listen to even when I was off and I loved it. 

There was this super lame drunk boy sitting behind me who wouldn't shut up and I had to turn around and ask him to discontinue. After that he was acting like a jerk and yelling for me to stand up to "give respect" and whatever else. So that wasn't cool. But it couldn't ruin my night. 

They did 2 encores, like legends do. It was great. The first time that they went back I sort of freaked out though, like I knew there were so many songs that I still needed them to play and luckily they did. 

I think it was probably the most satisfied I have ever been seeing an older band in terms of being happy with everything that they played and not left wanting more. 

I went with my whole family and we had a great time. It was a simple concert where I got to sit and enjoy the music completely. 

So, tell me, tell me, tell me... What is your favorite Hall & Oates jam? I want to know!