Concert Rundown

Cut Copy @ The North Park Theater

This was my first concert ever on Halloween and it was too cool. 

Cut Copy is an electronic rock band and they are sort of amazing. Check them out.

I would like to start by mentioning the band that opened for them, Gemini Club, because they were also pretty amazing. They were somewhat of the same style, but I would say a little more on the pop-y side and I could see them becoming more mainstream than Cut Copy. They actually at times reminded me a bit of Two Door Cinema Club.
They had great rhythms and were a solid combo of electronic and indie rock. It was a lot of fun to watch them, not to mention, one of the members was crazy adorable, so you know, that always helps. 

But they were great! I was a little worried, I didn't know what to expect out of them. I think ever since the Devendra show I saw in Santa Ana where the opening act were basically satin worshipers, I will always be worried about opening acts. But, we did see the synth machines and what not before they came out, so we figured it was going to be something fun and danceable and it was! 

Cut Copy was great. I think that I like their less popular songs so I didn't really get to hear everything that I wanted, especially because I haven't listened to their new album and I am pretty sure that is what they played most off of.

I really wish I had seen them about a year or two ago, they would've then played all the music I wanted to listen to and it would've been extra super-duper amazing.

The concert was also a lot more 'PLUR' than I expected it to be. I mean, I know that it was Halloween so obviously everyone was already in costume, but they even shocked me a bit with some of their lyrics about everyone loving each other and having a happy world and just stuff like that. It was a very electronic-hippy vibe that I was getting. I suppose I just prefer their more funky-rock vibe. 

Now, I have got to be totally honest with you guys, I absolutely loved listening to all of the jams that I know like Hearts on Fire, Lights and Music and Saturdays but when I was listening to their songs that I didn't know, I didn't really enjoy myself that much.
It was unfortunate. 
Luckily I enjoyed all of Gemini Club's set so it evened out in the end. 

You know when you listen to music and you just crave seeing their music live so that you can dance and rock out and what not?
Well, I was really looking forward to being able to fulfill that craving for Cut Copy and I was left still hungry. 

It is sad, but it is what it is. No matter what they are an amazing band and I will love them forever.