Concert Rundown

Rhye @ The North Park Theater

As you may recall, my second concert post on here, back in April, was about Rhye when I saw them at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

Then, I said that it was to be in my top 10 best concerts, and I can for sure say that I would like to add this time seeing them as well, into said list. 

This was an amazing experience because it was a lot smaller venue and I was so upclose and personal with them. I think I cried twice. 

It was beautiful and Milosh spoke to us and was personable and the music, it was amazing. 

I don't know much else to say that I didn't last time. 

However, I will say, this time was different in that the songs weren't as extended as the last time. They were, and they were changed up a bit, but not to the extent that they were last time. I will also say that this time gets a higher ranking in the being able to dance and being able to record and take photos portion. 

Also, the opener! Last time, no one opened for them. 
This time, Lo-Fang opened and fucking killed it. 

I had never heard anything from him before and had no background info so I was totally blank slate getting there. 
He went up with a german accent and then in the middle of his set was like "alright let's give a hand to all the people who really believed that I was german this whole time"
...I was like WTF? haha But it was hilarious. 

I kind of got the feel from him that he has an awesome sense of humor, or maybe he is just an ass. It can kind of go both ways. But he started just instrumental. Throughout his set he played a violin, a cello and a bass. He would play them and set them up on loops and then sing and what not. It was freaking awesome. Basically he turned a 3 piece (if not more) into a one man show! I respect that. 
Anyways, he started off instrumental and then went to sing but his mic wasn't on. He sort of freaked out about it and then he just busted out and started dancing on stage to kill time. He was moving rather suggestively if I do say so myself and it was adorable. Then the sound guy got up there and was fixing his shit and he was like air humping him and what not. It was great. He also brought back the moves later on while he was playing and was like grinding on his cello and stuff. It was funny because it contrasted so much with the heart felt and mostly mellow music that he was playing. But it made the whole experience really fun and interesting. 

It is always nice to see a little bit of an artists personality besides their music. Plus he is major babe material, so yeah.

I also brought my parents to this show which was really cool. I got my dad into Rhye by showing him their station on Pandora and he became obsessed with it like I did and listened to it all the time. So, when I saw the show here in San Diego, I bought him and my mom tickets and threw one in there for myself because I just couldn't resist seeing them at a smaller venue. 

A week before the show my dad was like "oh I don't think I am going to be able to go anymore because I need to work that night" and I was pretty pissed about it. Thankfully he was able to make it. Also, my mom and I had a lot of bonding time before because she came with me to a few events before the show time so we were having a real good time. It turned out to be a real A+ kinda night. 

It was great and both my parents really enjoyed it which I was happy about. They don't really do a lot for themselves or anything to enrich their lives or drink in some art and culture so this was a good way to make them do it. I am happy that they came and I am happy that they enjoyed it. It was an all around amazing night.