Concert Rundown

CHVRCHES @ The Majestic Ventura Theater

And it was majestic indeed. 

The inside of the theater actually reminded me a lot of how I would think Cinderella's castle would look like on the inside. Of course that is if she had a venue inside her castle. But anyways...

I know that I have mentioned that I sold my Coachella pass because I didn't really like the line-up and/or I had already seen all the people I wanted to see. But that doesn't account for the few people that I haven't seen and am still intrigued by (i.e. Chromeo and CHVRCHES). 

And get this, I didn't have to go to this show alone! WHAT!? I know. As I was looking for tickets through craigslist I decided to ask my roommate if she would be interested in going 1. so that I didn't have to go alone 2. because it's easier to find people willing to sell two tickets as opposed to one, and 3. Maryelle, my roommate and I, haven't really hung out and done something fun in a while so I thought it would be fun together. 

So, Tuesday night after I got out of work, Maryelle and I drove up to Ventura to see CHVRCHES. I honestly had only heard most of their music through work and didn't actually download their album until two weeks ago or so. 

Before going to the venue, Maryelle and I stopped to grab some dinner at this adorable little pizzeria. I love going to new places and discovering little hidden gems. 
This specific gem was called Tony's Pizzeria and was literally this tiny little shack on the side of the road and while we were there at least, a one woman show. She was taking the orders making the pizzas and doing a bang up job without killing anyone, so major props to her. 
I also was very unaware of Ventura's close proximity to the ocean. Unfortunately we weren't able to get there early enough to enjoy it, but I was so happy to just see the coast and feel the maritime air in the wonderful chillness. 

Vintage sewing machine on the side of the road

Vintage sewing machine on the side of the road

Our delicious pizza, my half at least, and then CHVRCHES over there in the corner on the cover of a local paper

Our delicious pizza, my half at least, and then CHVRCHES over there in the corner on the cover of a local paper

Austra, the opening band, was decent. I didn't want to rip my ears off, but I also didn't want to go home and download any of their music. I felt like it was possible that the vocalists mic was too high, or maybe that was just her voice, but it seemed she was too loud/powerful for the music that was being played. I feel like her voice was amazing on its own and  the music was great on its own also, but when put together they didn't really mesh the way that I wanted them to. The elongated notes that the signer was using didn't keep in time with the more fast paced and upbeat music and it felt as though the two parts were so separate. I did think that there were a few songs that were pretty danceable, but again, that is mostly based on the music. I feel that if possibly the vocals were softer and quicker it would make more sense  and feel better as a whole but her voice was too heavy for the beats and just made the whole set a little uncomfortable. 
On the other hand, the keyboardist was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. He was wonderfully psychedelic and seemingly so entranced by the music while he was dancing. He was also wearing really dark lipstick. I couldn't tell from where I was if it was black or just a really dark shade of "insert color here" but he was rocking it. He killed the entire performance and even though I wasn't enjoying the music the way that I had hoped to, I was able to entertain myself watching him. He was truly majestic. Somewhat like a unicorn. 
I will say that I can see why it made sense to group CHVRCHES and Austra though. They do have similar styles, I just think that Austra just hasn't really nailed it yet. 
It is also very possible that they have though and that it was just an off night, I haven't listened to any of their recorded tracks, so I can't say for sure. 

After waiting in the line for the bathroom and people watching for a while, CHVRCHES finally came out. I found their set interesting because they didn't save all of their most popular songs till the end like most artists do. They actually opened with "We Sink" which is a somewhat well-known song, and kept it up all the way through, there wasn't a dull moment besides the short period of time between the set and their encore. I think it was really cool to have experienced one of the shows from their first official tour. I can't imagine what that is like for them. 
I am pretty sure the only other band I have ever seen at the very start of their career was the Jonas Brothers and I obviously was not as much of a "concert enthusiast" then as I am now so it didn't mean as much to me then as it does now. 
Overall the entire concert was amazing though. Their lights were perfect. I feel like lights are sometimes something that gets overlooked at shows but I think that it is such an important aspect. The lighting should be used to compliment the music and if it isn't then it is hard to entrance your audience, in my opinion at least. 
I was also truly blown away by Lauren Mayberry, the lead singers, voice live. It sounded just as crisp and sweet as it does on the recorded tracks. That says a lot about her as an artist. It was great to see her in person also because she has a great stage presence. She obviously gets really into the songs and lets herself go to those places and that is the best way to draw in your audience. She was so small and petite and sweet. For example when she paused in between songs to apologize for having spit on the stage because she drank water and it went down the wrong pipe (or something along those lines, I wasn't really picking up on her accent at first). It was so cute of her to even mention something a little embarrassing and unnecessary like that, but then again, artists connecting with their audience on human levels, thats that kinda shit I like. 

Going into this show not completely knowing all the music and then coming out of it being basically in love with the band is one of the best parts of a live show. I am really happy that I went and I am happy I was able to go with some pretty awesome people.