Concert Rundown

MSC @ The Wiltern

I have been attending MOSAIC for a little over 6 months now and this past Saturday their worship team recorded their live album at the Wiltern

When I moved to LA I decided to look for a church to attend and MOSAIC just happened to be the first and only church that I tried out. I was immediately attracted to the church because of the type of people that attended the church and the music they played. 

MOSAIC is an amazing community that puts emphasis on artistic values and a relationship with God that doesn't revolve around religion. It is probably my favorite part of LA and being apart of their tribe has made me a better and more happy person, even at my worst moments. 

But, besides all of that great stuff, the music. Like I said, the worship team is one of the reasons that I was so attracted to the church. I was taken aback right as they began playing their first song. I remember telling my mother that I felt like I was going to a concert every Sunday.

MSC's original songs are pop-electronic-y with a funky twist. Basically exactly the kind of music I enjoy on a regular basis except the songs are about Jesus. It is pretty awesome. 

I believe that a lot of worship music turns into "love" songs directed towards Jesus and it occasionally just gets a little weird. MSC is not like that, they understand the line between weird and passionate. Truly all of their lyrics express the beauty in life and the longing and importance of a relationship with Jesus. 

When MOSAIC announced that they would be recording their live album at the Wiltern, obviously my immediate response was that I needed to go. The only issue I was finding was that I could not afford the $40 ticket. Being that I am in the process of looking for a new apartment and working really hard and have so many other expenses beginning, I just couldn't find the money. It was really disappointing because if you don't already know, I love shows, and I knew that this experience was going to be a once in a lifetime. 

By some wonderful miracle, other members of the church who were interested in attending the show but couldn't afford a ticket were speaking up. In response, other members of the church began donating money in order for those who couldn't afford their own ticket to be put on a Will Call list so that they could then go to the show. 

I was so overwhelmed when I found out that people were doing this, it is such a generous thing to do; to give people the gift of a full night of worship and a once in a lifetime experience. So, I signed up for the Will Call list and on Saturday night, I was there. 

The entire night was so inspirational. Maryelle and I got wristbands to be in the pit by promising that we would dance and sing the whole show, and so we did. It felt crazy to be in a theater full of people who were feeling the same way that I was and who were, for about 2 hours, dedicating themselves to something bigger than each other and sending their love to one place.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry a few times throughout the night. Just during some of the songs, obviously. But other than that, when both Aaron and Erwin went up to speak I teared up, possibly more even. 

I think the great thing about church is that so often, you get spoken to. Perhaps not directly, but sometimes just one of the small things that happens makes you think of something and it just changes you in that moment. I know it sounds so terribly cheesy and unrealistic. But that is one of the other reasons I love MOSAIC so much. I feel like most of the talks are so amazing and really hit me with meaning. 

I was especially touched by the talk Erwin gave at the Wiltern on Saturday night. He talked about loving yourself, and knowing that God loves you. It was really something that I needed to hear. It is easy to feel like you aren't worthy when you are alone, I have been feeling a little bit like that lately. But with the talk at the Wiltern, I was reminded that I am not really ever alone, God is constantly with me and if I am worthy of his love, I am worthy of other people's love as well. It just takes time. 

Anyways, I danced and screamed the songs all night and left with a groggy and almost non-existent voice. 

I was second guessing going to the show and instead spending more tie in San Diego but I am so happy that I decided to go. There is no where else that I would have rather been that night. It was amazing. 

I am so excited to hear the live album. It is going to be so great to relive that night every time I hear the album.