Concert Rundown

First Fridays @ The Natural History Museum

Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to possibly one of the best shows that I have EVER been to! 

I saw Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Painted Palms and De Lux at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles for just $20 and also got to walk around the museum before the show started.
I know, you're jealous, I'm sorry. 

Okay, well that was like a whole lot of information with no details at all, so let me back up. 

I found out about the show about 3 weeks prior from Songkick, of course, and then asked my friend who introduced me to UMO if he'd like to join me. Turned out he couldn't so, I asked my brother since I was going to be in San Diego and he was going to be staying with me that weekend I figured we could go together. 
He was very skeptical. He had said he had heard some of the bands music before and didn't care for it that much. Luckily, we looked into the other bands set to play and he realized he liked Painted Palms and had listened to them before, so it was a done deal. 

The day of, we were running a bit late, running errands and such, but while we were driving, leaving San Diego to head to LA, I asked Chris if he would purchase the tickets online. Turns out, THEY SOLD OUT!
Needless to say, I was upset. 
Long story short, we ended up getting to the Museum and they were still selling tickets at the door, so we got to go. But not before going through a whole mess of ups and downs thinking we were going to be able to go and then being mislead thinking we weren't going to be able to go. 
It made for a good story I suppose. 

Neither of us had ever been to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, but we quickly fell in love with it. The exhibits were amazing and very educational, of course. We had a great time looking around and filling our snap chat stories with dead animals. 

Later in the evening, the music began. Apparently, the First Friday's event happens January - June and every other month besides June the musical performances are actually held inside. However, being that it is June, the stages were set up outside along with food trucks and merch tables. 

The first band we saw was Painted Palms, they are a great Indie-Electronic type band and played a lot of upbeat fun danc-y music. 

The next band we saw was De Lux. My brother made the realization, before I had the chance to put the voice to a name and pointed out that the lead singer sounded just like David Byrne. It was really interesting but he does have a very similar tone of voice. De Lux's style is accordingly more rock and reminiscent of new wave music. They had a song called "Sometimes Your Friends Are Not Your Friends" and there is no other way to explain it besides that it was just great. 

Last but not least, Unknown Mortal Orchestra played. They were amazing. The sound was much more crisp and refined live, and it just made it so much better.
Occasionally the best part about seeing a band live that you haven't done all your research on is when you are surprised by what the band looks like or how they play live. 
I was fascinated by both of these factors with UMO. 
Each member of the band has their own very unique style and it is cool because it makes you feel like they are making the music just because they like it not because they are trying to appeal to a certain trend. 
The drummer was like a hippie-rocker dude, the lead singer was pretty stylish and urban and then the bassist was wearing like basketball shorts and a sweatshirt. They all completely contrasted each other but came together and made amazing music. 

Overall the event was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can't believe I hadn't heard about it earlier in the year but I am so happy that I know about it now so that I can be on the lookout for when the shows start up again next year. 
That is one of the things I love about Los Angeles, there is always something fun and innovative going on where you can meet people, be creative and eat!