Make Music Pasadena 2014

Have you been to Pasadena, California?
If you answered, YES: good for you because that place is awesome.
If you answered, NO: after you finish reading this get off of your lazy ass and go, that place is awesome.

Now, I could take this time to explain all the tiny minuscule as well as large over-arching reasons that Pasadena is awesome, but I think that everyone sort of loves it for their own reasons. Plus if you've never been there I don't want to explain it so well that you feel like you no longer have to go experience it for yourself. 

I will however share that one of the things that makes it so great is the music festival that the city hosts every year (read the title). It is called Make Music Pasadena.

This year was my first time going. I honestly didn't even know about it last year and actually wasn't living in LA early enough to have attended the festival, or maybe I was but we were just settling in...? 
Regardless, this year was my first year and I must say, I will be attending every year in which I have the opportunity from now on. 

Not only is this great festival FREE, yes... FREE. It also showcases about 100 well known and lesser known artists of just about every genre. Is that not so cool? 
AND there are stages all throughout Old Town Pasadena. 
From the main stages which pop-up in the middle of the streets or in large parking lots to the front steps of churches or coffee shops inside of public libraries, there is music going on from 11am till the wee hours of the next morning. 
I honestly don't know how to make this sound any better than it really is. 

So, this year I went and the only two bands I actually knew that were playing before attending were Surfer Blood and Tennis

I have seen Surfer Blood one other time, last year actually right after I moved to LA. They played on the Santa Monica Pier, which was also free. 
It was amazing to say the least. 

Tennis on the other hand, I had never seen perform before but have loved their music for a while now. I think I heard about them from work actually. 

And though those were the only two bands I knew going into the festival, I came out having seen probably 10+ performances and I enjoyed them all so much. 

The band I liked the most and have now purchased their album were the Wild Ones. They are a band from Portland, Oregon with the most adorable female vocalist and a really awesome Indie-Pop sound. They had a great performance but more than anything I was truly just blown away by the music and the vocals. I think it is very possible they will be the next big thing. 

Tennis was amazing. I held back and stayed on the side-lines during this set because I just wasn't in the mood for sweaty people all up in my business, but even from a-far I was so entranced by the music. 
I do however feel like this performance overall would have been better in an intimate setting. I know that wasn't really an option for the festival because they were one of the headliners. But for me at least, the next chance I get to see Tennis on tour I would love to do so. I think somewhere like the House of Blues would be a great venue to really enjoy the full essence of the music and its purpose. 

Surfer Blood on the other hand, I got up real close. Like I said, I have seen them before so I pretty much knew what to expect. One word: Craziness. 
This band truly knows how to put on a show. They constantly interact with the audience and even hop off the stage to do a little crowd surfing or lend their guitar to fans to jam out. 
Not to mention the moshing and crowd surfing that goes on just from the fans. It is really something to see. 
I for one have never moshed or crowd surfed, but if I was going to, I would want it to be at a Surfer Blood show. 
Their music is really upbeat, happy, jumpy and beachy and has really great meaningful and thoughtful lyrics to go along so it is easy to enjoy no matter what. 

Overall, I was totally blown away by the entire festival, I didn't know what to expect from it but it was more than I could have even expected. I am really pleased that I was able to attend and I suggest anyone who gets a chance to do so also!