Concert Rundown

Arctic Monkeys @The SDSU Open Air Theater

So, it's actually called the Cal Coast something or other, but I am really over trying to remember who has bought what venue these days. I swear the amphitheater out here has a new name every summer. 

This was the 4th, count it; 1, 2, 3, 4, fourth time that I have seen the Arctic Monkeys, and of course, it was no disappointment, not even at all. They were amazing, as per usual. 
But let us start from the top of the day, shall we?

So, my cousin, Nicole, and I are both pretty big fans. I did some research the night before and saw that the band was going to be doing this acoustic show at a studio just a little up north before the concert. Being a former Jonas Brothers fanatic, I am pretty accustomed to showing up at places where I am not supposed to be to see people that I want to see. 
I know it is a bad and ugly habit, but you know what? I also don't really care.

The event didn't start until 3:30 but we decided to get there early, we arrived at precisely 1.
Now, of course I would love to meet Alex Turner, I mean, who wouldn't at this point? He is a mega-babe and not only that, but I have loved the Arctic Monkeys for so many years now and I think that Alex is basically a lyric genius. He writes and sings poetry and I am only slightly in love with him. 
But as I am sure you can guess, now that the band has blown up a bit, they have attracted all the of the "boy-band fangirl" types. 
And that is okay, I am happy for their success, it is just a little disrupting. 
For instance, these young girls (probably freshman) won backstage passes to see them while we were at the venue. They came screaming and crying telling their dad they had won and they were shaking with excitement and then when the show started, they hardly looked up from their cell phones and were completely disconnected from the entire performance.
It was honestly hard for me to not beat them up right there. 

Anyways, Nicole really, really wanted to meet Alex so we waited for the event to start. Luckily, Nicole saw someone she knew from school while we were there. It turns out Nicole's friends mothers boyfriend just so happened to be the co-owner of the studio that was being used for the event. I say luckily because he is the one who got us in. 
Back track about 2 and a half hours, 15 minutes after we had initially got there (like 1:15ish) about 4 girls showed up and were waiting outside of their car. Nicole and I waited in my car. The girls talked to some people and were seen - I point this out because that is important. That is why people thought that they were there before us, because they were seen before us. And of course, they later on used that to their advantage.
Somewhere in the back of my head I knew that it was probably going to be a better idea to sit outside and be seen by the staff but it was hot and I also didn't want to be disruptive to the flow of the event.
Once the event was underway and they were letting in the "winners" as well as friends and family of staff from the radio station for the event. They of course told everyone who didn't have a pass that they would do their best to see if we could fit in but they couldn't promise anything. 
The girls who had gotten there after us all went in and a few other groups of people who hadn't won passes also were let in.
We on the other hand, were not going to make it in according to the radio station staff. 

Again, lucky us, it was only after Mark, the co-owner, went in and decided that there would be some room for us toward the back where we could squeeze in did we manage to get inside to enjoy the performance. God bless that man, honestly. He was so sweet. Nicole and I are so short that we could not manage to see over the small crowd and he grabbed an equipment case for us to both stand on so that we could see. I couldn't be more thankful that he helped us out and got us in. It really was an amazing experience. 

After the band (Alex and Matt; they are the only ones who ever do press - I wonder why?) finished playing their mini set they did meet and greet style photos. The photos were being taken in groups of 4-6 so that the process would be quick because they had to leave to make it to the concert. So, as the staff member for 94.9 was calling out that he needed two more people for a photo I of course raised my hand and said "oh us!" He looked at me, rolled his eyes and said "NO! Winners only." 
Of course my first reaction was to curse at him or push past him in order to get a photo with my lyrical hero BUT, I knew that I could not disrespect the generosity of Mark for letting us squeeze into the back of the studio when the 94.9 staff was going to make us stay outside and miss the performance. 
So, everyone and I mean everyone, even other people who weren't "winners" got to take photos except for Nicole and I. Truly, it was an awesome feeling. (Sarcasm)
Even after the staff started hollering that everyone needed to leave the building because the band needed to go, other people were still approaching them and asking for photos and to get things signed. I mean, really, I don't know what to say. If I had just been let in by the radio station then I would've been all over it. But, I really did not want to disrespect the generosity of Mark and go against what I was being asked to do. 
So, we left and got no picture. 
It was probably the worst feeling ever. As stupid as it may be, for me, it sort of tainted the rest of the night. I wanted proof that I was there and I just wanted to tell Alex how much his lyrics have influenced my life even if it was just a 5 second splur of words to him. Unfortunately, I was unable to and it was horrible.

However, before the whole event started, as we were waiting in the lobby, Alex came out to use the restroom and he was literally about 5 feet away from me, and I have got to say, it was pretty magical. 

Now, I would like to take this break to say, I know, I sound like a crazy fangirl lame-o right now, I am sure. But when you truly admire someones work so much, I mean it is hard to not feel this way. And of course he is attractive which just is an extra cherry on top, but more than anything, I could listen to the Arctic Monkeys music forever and never be bored. They probably are my favorite band of all time. 
Also, look at some cute pictures while you take a break from my whinny story. Please, I insist.

Back to the story - so, we left the studio even though we should have stayed because I guess as they were getting into their car they signed stuff and said hi to people. But again, didn't want to be disrespectful and stuff so we didn't stick around like little stalkers. However, we did end up driving in front of, behind and next to them pretty much the entire way to the venue. It was a little thrilling but I also felt like a creep. I mean, we were going to the same place, but I didn't want them to think that I was following them. 

Anyways, we ended up at the show and we had a lot of fun. The band of course played every song off the new album and about 5 or 6 hits from previous albums - my favorite part. We basically created a two person mosh pit in the middle of the concrete rows. We yelled dirty things to Alex Turner and had a good time.

I am really happy that Nicole and I were able to spend the day together and bond over a shared love of good music and attractive men. I love her and I love the Arctic Monkeys and overall it was a pretty rad day.