94.9 Indie Jam 2014

So, I have a little bit of an issue with titles being put on social groups and such. Maybe it is just because I often get classified into ones I don't understand the meaning of but that is besides the point. 

With that being said, I have got a problem with the word "indie". I know it is just supposed to mean "independent", I am not stupid, but I feel like just because something is produced, published or comes about independently, does not make it all the same. 

I received complimentary tickets to Indie Jam this year from 94.9 because of some misunderstandings that occurred at the last event I attended to that was hosted by them. I was appreciative because it was the least they could do considering the circumstances of the last event but after having attended Indie Jam this past weekend, I can say I was unfortunately let down. 

There are people in this world who listen to music because it is something to do and because it is there and then there are people who listen to music because it is a part of their life and they wouldn't be able to survive without it. 

I identify with the later, (and I hope you do too because if you don't I'm probably about to offend you, in which case you should stop reading now) so I believe that I take a lot of interest and care into the music that runs through my ears and my veins. I prefer for it to not just being any crap and that is why I do not believe in radio. 

Radio is made to appeal to the masses, just like cable TV. It is an industry centered around money, the making of it and the consumption of it.
So, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who do not share the same importance about what they listen to as I do that need something to listen to while they go from point A to point B in the car and that is where radio music comes in. 

Now, before I continue, I am speaking in general terms. I am, by no means, trying to say that everyone played on the radio sucks or makes their music for corporate gain, but I am however saying that a good majority of them probably do and that music by real talented people who make music for the love of music and then get played on the radio are usual ruined by that popularity and success and that lame artists who can massive success with the masses and don't live and breathe music are idiots and should be kicked out of the music industry as a whole. 

Now, I have a lot of strong opinions but I have also always believed in there being no right or wrong opinion, especially in matters of creative acts, up until this weekend that is. 
My opinions on musical opinions changed this weekend. The verdict; I no longer think music taste is based on opinion, there is plainly and simply good and bad music. 
I don't want to sound wishy washy or unsure of myself, but I am probably wrong, there is probably not good and bad music but come on. 

I cant even begin to explain how terrible the music I was forced to listen to (for about 6 hours) was. 
I can't speak musicality so much because I am not a musician but as someone who values the industry as much as I do and attempts to expose myself to as many different genres and artists as I do, I think that the music I listened to this past Sunday was honestly below mediocre. 

I will say that the nights one saving grace was Phantogram. I am not very passionate about their music, but it was surely the only actual talent I was exposed to the entire day and that is sad. 

The conversations my brother and I were having around the topic were centered around a few ideas. 

1. At least they aren't listening to twerking music - 
People without strong opinions become "sheep". Sheep follow the heard, the hype, whatever is cool and new, whatever is played on the radio, whatever you want to call it. So, the people who listen to 94.9 could either be listening to bad/half-assed alternative/pop-punk/indie music, or they could be shaking their asses like mindless idiots to music that talks about sticking dicks up vaginas and other nasty things of that sort. 

2. The definition vs. the connotation of "Indie"
So, we already went over that the definition is Independently produced, published and overall made music
BUT, the connotation is that the music is somehow special. It is unique, it is different, it is groundbreaking and trendsetting, it is something that isn't going to appeal to the masses and that is why no large record label will sign them because there is not too much money to be made with them.

3. The problem with trying to put "Indie" music on the radio
As someone who actually listens to music that I classify as the connotation of "Indie" music, it is difficult to attend a festival entitled Indie Jam and then feel more out of place than I ever have in my entire life and leave wanting to have torn my ears off before I got there. 
(I know I am like dramax1000 but it is all true)
Anyways, the problem with putting "Indie" on the radio is that the masses of people now have a skewed vision of what that really means. 
Is it not offensive when someone completely misinterprets something that you value to a very high extent? 
Yes, you know what? I think it is. 
When Indie music gets put on the radio, being that the radio still needs to be a money maker, the music that ends up being played on the station is in fact not Indie at all but instead variations of the main and most marketable techniques from real indie artists that are then replicated by large music companies in order to sell the idea. 
And you know where it all started? Floral crowns and get drunk on three day weekends-COACHELLA. 
The coachella and hipster illusion of life is such a large trend still and when it occurred, large music labels saw an opportunity to fill a spot in the market that was open and they did so. That is how the world has been screwed over with artists like Lana del Rey, Neighborhood, Walk the Moon, Bad Suns, everyone I saw play on Sunday, and probably many many more artists.

All in all, I wish I could be appreciative of the gesture on the part of 94.9 but I just cannot. Attending Indie Jam was in NO WAY POSSIBLE equivalent to meeting and taking a photo with Matt Helders and Alex Turner. And, if I were a more terrible person than I am, I would make them aware of this fact but I just haven't got the energy anymore.

So, hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but it is just how I see things. 
If you think I am wrong, tell me so.