FYF 2014

This is going to mostly be short and sweet. 

I haven't got much to say about FYF this year, because it was mostly as good as it can get. 

I watched mostly every artist I wanted to see and I got to spend time with people I love, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that. 

So, since I am so late catching you all up on the happenings of this weekend anyways, let's just go through the highlights. 

Real Estate was unfortunately very unimpressive. I love them, I could listen to them forever and they are perfect for chill days, summer days and days when you are driving around in your car and just need something pleasant filling up the silence. But live, they just didn't do much for me. That is always such an unfortunate occurrence, perhaps it is because of the nature of their music it is just not made for a large setting. I don't know? Nevertheless, I still love them.

Angel Olsen was amazing. I think she could have attracted a larger crowd had she of been outside because in the stadium she was hidden and she kicked off the weekend so people were still trying to get into the venue while she was playing, but she did great. I am happy I didn't miss her. 

Blood Orange was possibly one of my favorites of the weekend. He did amazing. Not only was he killer, he brought out a team of performers basically who all just were on point with their look and knew what was going on and they put on a spectacular show. 

Tanlines, what can I say? I saw them last year at Coachella and they were amazing. I can always just like let myself go crazy and dance when I watch them and the vibe in the crowd always lightens while they are playing because it is so happy. There is no way to be in the crowd while they are performing and not smile, at least just a little bit. And that is saying a lot for me, especially since concert people make me want to tear my hair out-I don't usually smile all that much. 

Mac Demarco was another performance I was expecting more out of. I really wanted to be impressed by his performance but instead I left after a few songs because I felt as though my experience with him when I listen to his tracks in my car was better than listening to him live. I suppose in this case it is less about him not being entertaining and more about me not enjoying his kind of entertainment. If that makes any sense? I'm not all that much into the stoner thing he does and I guess I just really wasn't into it while watching him either. 

Slowdive was pretty awesome. I don't have any complaints here. I got pretty close to the action and that was cool. It was nice to just stand there and enjoy the music. 

Tycho! Another one of my favorites. Their visuals probably made the experience for me. They played later and I was tired by the time I got there so I was sitting for the first bit but then my brother mentioned their insane projections and I had to see it. After that I put up with the pain in my feet and watched. It was well worth it. 

Interpol. I am not a huge fan, but I can for sure say they know how to put on a show. They had people going insanely crazy and I for sure get it. They are great and I was able to catch the songs from them that I like so that was cool. 

Future Islands. Okay, so I knew the lead singer was a little on the older side, I however did not know that he was such a sexual performer. My guess is that he was on something? I mean, he may not have been, but WOW, he was up there thrusting and twirling, it was quite a show. It kind of reminded me of seeing Depeche Mode actually.

Thundercat was pretty awesome also! I have only really heard what my brother has showed me from him, but I wasn't disappointed, at least not too much. He was playing some more of his somber songs and mentioned Robin Williams once or twice, so I am guessing he was just feeling that vibe but it was still amazing music. I do wish I had heard more of the upbeat disco influenced stuff, but hopefully I get another chance to sometime.

Haim, I don't think they did any better than they did the last time that I saw them. It really annoys me that they use the same audience to band interaction ploy to make believe that we are in their living room, every single time that they perform. It was cheesy for me the first time I heard it, so second time I really couldn't. Don't get me wrong, they are talented, just not my cup of tea. 

Phoenix!!!! They played literally every song I wanted to hear and I probably cried a little if we are being totally honest. I have been listening to them for years and after making the choice to watch Vampire Weekend over them at last years' Coachella I knew I had to make it a point to see them and I am so happy I got that opportunity. They are incredible performers and the music couldn't have been any louder without making me burst into full on tears. It was honestly so wonderful and Jessica and I were close enough to see and still dance and enjoy the show. It was perfect. 

The Strokes on the other hand, was an overall terrifying and horrifying crowd experience. I don't even want to discuss it, it frustrates me so much. I will however say that I was unfortunately let down to have to watch them alone and dance by myself after being tormented by a man that was easily 4 times my size. It was not fun, I can tell you that much. But, the great thing about music is that once it starts, everything else fades away, for me at least (most of the time). So, when that first note hit, I was screaming and dancing as if nothing bad had ever happened to me before in my life. They were fantastic, and that is probably an understatement. People around me were crying and worshiping they were so happy. It was really something. I, on the other hand, was content jumping and whipping my hair back and forth in a small little imaginary box of space I had made myself and considering the shitting circumstances I overcame just before, I enjoyed myself so much! I must say that I do want to be able to see them again though, it would be well worth any amount I would have to pay!

All in all, it was a good-ass weekend. I went to church Sunday morning and had a blast singing and dancing there, plus I got to spend a night in LA and you can only imagine how much I have missed doing that.