The Fonda

Concert Rundown

Chromeo @ The Fonda

I think I first really started listening to Chromeo because of my ex. He always used to sing Bonafied Lovin' and Fancy Footwork. Fancy Footwork really makes me think of B-boys to be honest. He definitely had a positive influence on my taste in music because I discovered more funky and house type of artists through him.

Anyways, upon deciding to sell my Coachella Weekend One Pass, I was disappointed that I wasn't going to be seeing a few different artists, but mostly I was sad about missing Chromeo. You know when you listen to your music in the car and you move around and "dance", as much as you can while being restricted by your seatbelt, and the fact that you mostly have to have your hands on the wheel at all times, but you're really just imagining how amazing it would be to be at a venue with the music being played live and being able to dance to the best  of your abilities with no limitations?
Well, maybe that's just something I do.
But that is always how I have felt about Chromeo. It is such good music and has amazing beats and rhythm that it is literally so difficult to not move around while its playing. 

With that being said, I was hoping so much that they would add a show in LA during the Coachella Weeks and my prayers were answered, because they did.

I had never been to the Fonda before, but I figured it would be like most of the theaters here. It isn't though. It has a bit more character than the other theaters in town. They don't really have the whole "regal" thing going on like other theaters (i.e. the Wiltern or Pantages). But it really has something unique about it. From outside you can see that there is a rooftop area to hangout where, at least while I waited in line, they were projecting the stage. So perhaps they project shows up there for guests as well? I will have to look into that.

Another thing that I found interesting was the actual venue area. There were really interesting murals that covered the walls of the interior. Also, at the entrance on either sides of the walls there are cool lamp collages to greet guests. Overall, from looking on the outside of the building, you wouldn't be able to guess the way that it looks on the inside which I think is pretty cool. 
Being that the venue is also on the less popular end of Hollywood Blvd, I didn't really think that there would be as much busy-ness around it and that it wouldn't be as nice as it was. But, I was happily surprised. 

There were two openers, both DJ's. 
The first, TOKiMONSTA, an adorable asian girl. She greeted us and said that she hoped we liked her set and if not, "sorry". It was cute. But she didn't need to apologize, her set was awesome. She was also really energetic and was moving around in her little space while mouthing some of the words to the songs she was mixing. I really enjoyed her stuff. It was a little dubsteppy which I don't usually prefer, but it didn't sound like robots having sex so that was a good thing. I didn't recognize a lot of what she played, but she kept it really upbeat and fun which is what you want from a DJ, or at least what I want from a DJ. So, I enjoyed it a lot. 
The only crappy part is that she didn't really play for very long. I don't know if maybe they got to a late start and that is why they had to cut her set short, but it was just weird. Some guy kept coming out and giving her a countdown like 10 minutes, 5 minutes... It seemed really arbitrary to me because I am sure that she can tell time and she definitely had a laptop right in front of her which I am most positive displays the time. 
I also thought it was COMPLETELY RUDE the way that the next opener, DJ Falcon, (who by the way looked like a major creeper) came out behind her on stage to unload his crap while she was still playing. Like, are you kidding? You don't want someone doing that kind of shit during your set, so why would you do that during someone else's? It just seemed really disrespectful to me. 
Towards the end of her set DJ Falcon and some stage hand were literally standing/sitting behind her and they even cut her sound. It was terrible. When she said goodbye and left the stage you could tell that she was upset. I mean, who could blame her? They really did not use any type of manners or respect in the way that they went about the whole situation and it was completely, totally and utterly ANNOYING & RIDICULOUS. 

As you might have guessed, by the it was DJ Falcon's turn to mix, I already didn't really like him because of the whole, looking WAY too old to be doing this and then the fact that he was an accomplice in cutting off TOKiMONSTA. To make it all the worse, he maybe smiled once. He didn't look like he was having fun. And even when I really did try to get into his music, I couldn't. And just to make it all worse, these insanely annoying boys kept walking through me and the people I met in front of me to get close to him so that he would sign an album for them. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE GET HIM TO SIGN SOMETHING, is beyond me. And maybe I am being a little harsh, but then again, maybe I am not. I guess it doesn't really matter that he looked old, because I really am all for doing what you love no matter what age you are. But he could have at the least looked like he was enjoying himself. The only thing from his set that stood out to me was his usage of some vocals from the Talking Heads "Once In A Lifetime". Other than that, it was less than mediocre for me. 

When Chromeo FINALLY came out I was SOOOO happy. I had met some cool people around me. (I went to the show alone mind you) So we all sort of made a little pack and decided we wouldn't let anyone take over our space during the set. We also were trying to decipher who's side we were on before they had uncovered their instruments. We figured we were on David's side and we were right. Some of the girls were talking about practicing to "eye fuck" him. I never really thought of him as being "eye fucking" attractive, but seeing someone on stage really changes EVERYTHING about them. I have got to admit, he looked pretty good up there. 

But back to the music. They were PERFECT. They opened with Night by Night and I died. I was really kind of worried that they were going to play majority from the new album. BUT, they played all the great old stuff like Needy Girl, Bonafied Lovin', Fancy Footwork, Momma's Boy, Tenderoni,  and even You're So Gangsta. It was awesome. I danced so much and jumped around and shouted so many lyrics, I thought I was going to have lost my voice. I think they only songs I really would have wanted them to play that they didn't were 100%, When the Night Falls and Mercury Tears. But then again, those aren't really songs you play at a show, especially when they aren't songs from the new album that they are trying to promote. 
If we are being totally honest here, I don't really like their new stuff as much as the old stuff. The lyrics seem to have taken a turn for the worst, it just seems superficial and dull. The only song I have really enjoyed so far from the new album is Come Alive. However, I have only heard the singles, so there is still hope. 

Either way it was a great night and I had so much fun. I really couldn't have asked for more. Except, that I do wish my brother would have come with me. 
He decided last minute that he could not and so I had to sell his ticket, which was pretty lame. But, it happens. 

Overall the show was great and I am so happy that I didn't have to miss an amazing performance due to not being in the desert this weekend.