Concert Rundown

The Dodo's @ The Loft at UCSD

The Dodo's are amazing. 

Much like a lot of the other music that I listen to, I heard about the Dodo's from my brother. 

I guess I would explain them as an Indie-Folk band with a certain sense of Epicness. 
Okay, I know.. that probably doesn't make any sense. But listen to them and I think you will get it. 

As you may already know, Thursday night was Chromeo and then I worked Friday morning at 6AM. Immediately after leaving work Friday afternoon, I left for La Jolla, which is in San Diego. I decided that since I would be getting there a little early I would see if my Mother wanted to meet me for dinner. 

We decided on this place called The Spot. I had looked up a few different places on Yelp to propose to my mother and then I told her to make the final decision. While looking at the The Spot's Yelp page I took a look at the pictures people had uploaded and came across a delicious looking Filet Mignon with fries and green beans. Immediately this place moved to the top of my list, so when my mom decided to get it I was so happy. I don't know what it is about a good steak that just makes me so happy. 

I really think that one of my favorite meals has got to be steak, fries and a coke. I feel like such a man saying that. Oh well. 

If you have ever gotten real good food with me, you will know that when I am really enjoying the meal, I do like this weird sway dance in my seat while I munch and eating at the spot was the first time I have done that in a while. It was truly delicious. 

I would most definitely recommend stopping by if you're ever in the area. 

After parting ways with my mother it was time to get to the show. I thought I was going to be late but luckily I hadn't missed anything.

I had never been to the Loft before and it was a pretty cool venue, not to mention, the cool campus it is on. I have never really walked around UCSD, but the little bit of it that I saw was cool. 

I almost got lost trying to find the venue. It isn't like by the street where you can see it while driving, it is a little more into the campus so I had to ask someone for directions. 

Luckily, there was a rather attractive male on a jog who I was able to ask. He actually asked me for the time first and then I asked him if he knew where the Loft was and he pointed me in the right direction. He asked me if I was looking for the Dodo's show, which I was hoping would lead to him saying he was going also. But it didn't. That is the first and last time I will ever see that boy without a phone to tell the time on his own from UCSD. How sad. 

So, since I was, again, at this show by my lonesome... I decided to take a seat at one of the bar tables and people watch before the openers came out. I love people watching. If you don't love people watching, there is probably something wrong with you to be honest. The venue is also a bar, so like a lameo I had a huge black "X" marked on my right hand indicating my less than legal drinking age. I actually thought about showing them my ID and saying it was only 10 days away, but I figured it wouldn't have made much of a difference, I wasn't going to drink anyways. So I sat and watched people. Some girl had a sweater around her waist and her shoulders, she was my favorite. My least favorite were all the boys in flip flops though. Who told them that was okay? ESPECIALLY being that it wasn't even hot in La Jolla on Friday and it was now like 9 at night. Not okay. 

It felt like a lifetime that I was waiting for the opening band to come out. I am sure it was just because I was alone though. 

When Inspired and the Sleep finally came out and took their places, I was more than skeptical of the young men who came out. It was a 3 piece band, bass, guitar/vocal, and drums. 
They describe themselves as "Physcadellic Lo-Fi Pop" which I think would be pretty accurate.
I was surprisingly blown away. They all are crazy talented and I am saying that in all honesty - and not just because the drummer was a babe.
There was some beach type guitar leads happening which, obviously, attracted me immediately. And then the vocalist had a great voice. He did a lot of lyrical "oohh" "ahhh" and noise type things which was really interesting and cool, also. And then the drummer, well you already know how I feel about him, but he was really talented as well. All the songs had really great beats and they are for sure a band that I put on my list of bands to look up.

After I get through my long list, I will get to them, eventually. 

I may have to move them closer to the top however... I tweeted about them at the show and they responded saying thank you and you all know how I love artists who acknowledge fans! 
Possibly the best part of this whole set was that the guitarist and bassist were in socks. I was trying to figure it out but then as they began playing I realized how often they were using the knobs and stuff with their feet. They also had some intellectual sounding speaking going on, like a track. I don't know the technical term for it, but if you listen to Starfucker - yeah I still spell it out, it was a pussy move changing it to STRFKR, in my opinion - but anyways, like from their early stuff... Mystery Cloud or Medicine both have it at the end of the song. Basically someone who sounds like a professor giving a lecture. It just adds a little something to the song. 
Inspire and the Sleep though, theirs sounded a little more like clips from news bulletins. Either way it was really cool. Props to them. 
There is an honest possibility that I enjoyed their set a little more than the Dodo's actually. 

So I am a Dodo's fan, but I don't think I am the biggest Dodo's fan. So I have a lot of their tracks but there are probably close to 15 that are my absolute favorites and the ones that get listened to the most. 
They played most of them, but they also played a good majority of songs that I didn't recall much and I hate that feeling. Especially when it isn't really music that you can just dance to and ignore that you don't know the words. 
Despite that, the drummer is also rather attractive in this band. I don't know, maybe it was just something I ate that day. But he is also crazy talented. Like without him, the band would just be like another singer/songwriter type gig. But he truly adds so much amazingness to the mix. I really wish I knew the proper lingo; which I should probably look up if I insist on continuing to do breakdowns of the shows I go to. But anyways, he is great. 

I have to say, they weren't the way that I had imagined that they would be live. I feel like when I listen to the tracks there is more feeling behind them, and that is something that should only be elevated when seeing a band live, but it just wasn't for me. 
Plus, towards the end of the set, people started moshing... Always right where I am standing. It is like I somehow attract mosh pits. 
I ended up moving over to the other side of the stage. I was in front the entire show and literally went from one end of the stage to the next during the duration of the show. 
I was really happy that I was able to hear my two favorite songs by the Dodo's, Red and Purple and then Fools. Other than that, nothing stood out to me that much. 

Kind of stinks. But sometimes that is just how it is I guess. I wanted to be blown away by them, and I think I went in with really high expectations. I think maybe the venue setting didn't help much either. It didn't feel very "special" to me, which I guess sounds stuck up, and don't get me wrong, I really liked it. But they were right there, so close I could see the drops of sweat running down their faces and I think that makes them a little too accessible while they are on stage and it doesn't make them seem special to me. I don't know? Maybe that is just me. 

All in all, it really was a great show, I just wanted more from it. They also didn't play a very long set which was pretty disappointing. But it is okay.