Walt Disney Concert Hall

Concert Rundown

Rhye @ the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Rhye. Rhye on Pandora, check it out. Like, now. It is probably one of the best stations I have found. No joke, you'll love it. 

I first heard Rhye from work I believe, and then when I started getting more into them I started listening to their station on Pandora, like on a daily basis; I sort of became obsessed. I think it is probably the only station I have listened to on Pandora for like the past 5 months, possibly even longer. 
Needless to say, when Songkick notified me that they were going to be performing in LA, I was really excited. Not to mention, it was at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, for sure the most beautiful venue I have ever paid to see an event at. 

Stupidly, when I first got the notification about the show I didn't pay attention to the date that tickets went on sale and when I finally checked back, a week or so later, they had already sold out. Now, in the world we live in, "Sold Out" hardly ever means SOLD OUT. So, I began my research through Craigslist and Stubhub and was finding people listing their tickets for $100+. Now, I know Rhye is an amazing group and it was at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but the tickets only originally sold for $30-$50. There was no way I was going to pay that much money. I did consider it though. I thought it would just be my birthday present to myself, or that maybe my parents would buy it for me for my birthday. But, luckily, they didn't have to. I ended up finding a ticket that I was able to pick up from someone on Thursday for just $45. I was SO EXTREMELY AND UTTERLY HAPPY. I would have been so upset if I didn't get to see them. Although, like I said, I probably would've given in and paid at the most $100, just so that I wouldn't miss it. And let me tell you, it would've been worth it too.

Saturday. The show was set to start at 9:30, but I decided to get there a little early to take some photos of the venue since it is such a beautiful and iconic building. I am now going to share some of these photos with you. Keep in mind, I just recently received my camera and am still figuring it out and playing around with settings and editing and all that, so go easy on me. 


Apologies if my photos do not do this building justice. I do recommend though that if you have never been on both the inside and outside of this building, it is something that you MUST do. Better yet, if you have the opportunity to see any kind of performance here, TAKE IT. You will not regret it. 

Now for the good stuff, the music. So, they started probably a little closer to 10 than 9:30. The stage was set up already and had these either circular LED type screens placed, or they were actual spheres. I am not really sure because I was facing towards them directly so either is a likely possibility. Milosh, Robin and a drummer were the first three to come out and they came out with balls that had the same LED light color changing things going on which was cool because they came out and it was really dark. 

They began with a long, mellow and electronicy instrumental intro. It was pretty great, I mean they could have done that for an hour and a half and I wouldn't have minded that much. It was great. But after that, they began playing off their album, Woman. Which is by the way, AMAZING. Buy it, download it, I don't really care what you do, just listen to it. 
Anyways, they played elongated variations of almost, if not, every song from the album plus a few songs from Milosh's solo work. Milosh explained that they had to extend their songs and make them "hundred minute" songs because Woman is not a very long album and since we all paid to come and see them perform, they wanted to give us our moneys worth. I think the whole experience of getting to hear the extended versions of the songs was great, and obviously a once in a lifetime thing. They are not recorded like that and it was great to hear the progression that they song goes through when you give the artist the freedom to just play on for such a long period of time. Keep in mind they weren't really playing songs for hundreds of minutes, but maybe 6-10. It was awesome. It was classically experimental and completely wonderful. If every song they played had literally been 100 minutes, I really don't think I would have minded. It was that good.
I absolutely adore when artists interact with their audience in such ways. It makes it feel really personal and then you get a sense of who they are as a real person. It is so smart on their part because even if they just do little stuff like that, it helps connect to their art because like I said, it feels more personal. 

Oh, almost forgot, they had a full band, like as in two violinists, a cellist/trumpetist, a saxophonist, and a guitar player/basist, without including the drummer, Robin on the keyboard and then Milosh doing various things but mostly singing. IT WAS AMAZING. I seriously just listen to the instrumentals of the songs all the time and the compositions are so enchanting just on their own. But wow, once you add the lyrics... they all have so much meaning and emotion and you can hear it and feel it in Milosh's voice. It is really powerful. 

Apparently that night was Milosh's wifes birthday, so he asked us all if we would sing Happy Birthday to her - which was insanely adorable. He made it very apparent that he is truly in love with her, which I found ridiculously charming. He also mentioned that she is who he writes mostly all of his songs for, and that was it, after that I was in love with him. How wonderful for him to just declare his love for his wife to a huge room of strangers, and no one asked, he just felt like he needed to say it and he did. It was romantic and admirable at the least. 

Basically the entire experience was amazing. Milosh's voice is literally the voice of an angel. I can not emphasize enough how beautiful his songs are and he interprets the feelings into his tone and makes it all so real and relatable. That is what true art is. When you can make someone feel the feelings you're feeling, without much fact or context. It is, for lack of a better word, amazing.
I literally tweeted after leaving the show that, "that was probably the most important $45 dollars I will ever spend all at once" and I stand by that statement. It was for sure one of the top 10 best concerts of my life.