Running Tunes

Inherently, I am not a runner. I actually used to be one of those lameos that would just jog/walk the mile and come in pretty close to last. PE teachers hated me so much.
I can only assume that this is in part because I don't enjoy getting all sweaty and shit as well as the issue of having grown up with asthma and horrible allergies. Running, especially running outside becomes a big issue when it comes to breathing successfully for me. 
Despite all that crap, during my years outside of high school, I have been able to find some joy in running. 
I usually go early in the morning or after the sun has gone down at night. It seems to be easier on my allergies when the sun isn't fully blazing on me and it is a lot less embarrassing to be able to go at my own pace and stop when I feel like my lungs are going to give up on me in the dark when no one can see me.
When I say it like that it sounds kind of dangerous, like I am going to stop breathing and die out on the track at Mountain Hawk where no one will find me until the morning.
Don't worry. I am not actually going to die out there while I am running, my lungs are stronger than that, sometimes it just feels like they aren't. 

Anyways, as you have probably already figured out, I have a pretty big attachment to music and not so surprisingly, it really helps me keep a good rhythm while running. I think this also has a lot to do with my dance background because I am so used to do physical things to music, so it just helps me get into a good groove.

Below I have put together a running playlist. It is actually about 4 hours and 10 minutes worth of music and while I do not recommend running for that long, especially if you have the same bullshit issues as I do, more power to you if you'd like to go for it. I, personally, make long ass playlist like this because when I play them on my iPod I hit shuffle and listen to them in no particular order. I prefer to be surprised by what is going to play next. 

My running playlist is made up of almost every song I own with the word 'run' in the title (obviously), as well as almost every song from Vampire Weekend's Contra album, a whole bunch of STRFKR and just a bunch of other music that I picked to keep me, and you, at a nice running pace while listening to some rad tunes. 

Overall it is a pretty upbeat playlist and can probably be used for other things besides running, but some of the songs it is so hard for me to imagine doing anything else to. Like when I listen to Summer Grof by The Spinto Band, I really can't picture anything else but running in my head. I do the same thing with good walking songs - like walking down the street songs. Maybe I will do a playlist for that as well?

Anyways, hopefully you can find some sort of value in this playlist and it will perhaps motivate you the same way it motivates me!