Fall Feels

It is almost unbelievably lame how long it took me to start embedding playlists into my posts, but... you know here I am, finally doing it. I guess that is all that really matters, right? Probably not. 

But anyways, 
Here it is... my Fall Feels playlist. Because it is finally appropriate to wear a sweatshirt to work without a shirt underneath, and when I let my dogs out in the morning or after the sun has gone down I immediately want to lock them out to shelter myself from the cold and best of all, I can put my comforter on my bed again!

It is by no small means an exciting time of the year. 

With that being said, these songs make me feel cozy, they make me think of leaves, over-cast days and heartbreak. I mean, idk? Maybe that is just me, but spring and summer are more for the happy/feel good uplifting songs. Fall and winter I want to lay in bed and listen to whiny songs. But like I said, maybe that is just me. 

I also associate fall with Gossip Girl for whatever reason, so there are a few tunes on here that I learned about from that show that just instantly throw me back to being a high schooler watching gossip girl every week with my mom and pining over Chuck Bass. I mean, come on, everyone can relate to that one. 

I also feel really rock-ish during the fall, more so than I do any other time I guess. So had to throw some of that good stuff in there. 

Last but not least, I feel really 70's in the fall. Probably has something to do with That 70's show to be honest. It was like always cold on that show so idk... I guess that and the color scheme of the 70's, moss green, mustard yellow, burnt orange - you can't tell me those aren't fall colors. So, in conclusion, I've got some 70's vibe music on here also. 

Anyways, I hope you like it, listen to it while you drive or do homework. Listen to it while you do things that I don't want to know about.. haha I don't care. I just hope you like it. 

Or don't, I don't care. 

So, what did you think? Totally lame? It's okay. What is on your fall playlist?