you don’t need a big budget to be confident

I know you like nice things, I do too. But you don’t need to break the bank to look and feel the way that you want. there are an incredible amount of alternatives to traditional retail that are just as good, if not better. together, we will explore what routes are best for you and how to take advantage and best utilize every resource available.

sustainability and thoughtfulness

in 2019, there is no ignoring purchase power. it doesn’t take but a little bit of research to know where your garments are coming from and who your hard earned money will ultimately end up benefitting. it is a beautiful thing to be able to support your ideals with every purchase you make. so if it is important to you, lets find a way to utilize it through the pieces you wear and the places you shop.

similarly, lets think about the way you get rid of the items you are ready to part with. whether you’re donating or reselling, there are numerous amounts of options to stay sustainable with your preloved goods and I am ready to do that work for you!

feel and look the way you want to feel, all day everyday!

it is not shallow to accept the fact that when you put on that one pair of jeans you love, that you just feel good.

lets embrace that and work to make every item in your wardrobe a feel good piece.

i am a firm believer in the art of dressing. it is our most attainable form of self expression and so many times that goes unnoticed or unacknowledged.

i don’t believe in rules and i don’t believe that because you are body type a, b or c that you can and cannot wear specific pieces.

i do believe that you are your biggest critic and when you are wearing something that you want to wear, no matter if it goes against or follows mainstream ‘fashion laws’ or status quos, you radiate. your confidence is what makes you look good to others and that starts with you looking in the mirror and knowing for you and only you, that you look damn good today!


for anyone that feels like they need some direction, a change in their appearance or simply would like to refine what they already have going for them.

image consultation is not just for reality stars. knowing who you are and being able to communicate that visually with what you wear and even your social media presence is invaluable in todays day and age.

with a background in social media management, content creation, brand identity and wardrobe styling, i can guide you in answering the right questions to creating a seamless visual identity that is true to who you are and easily manageable.

consistency is key and there is nothing more validating than knowing that you are showing yourself in the best manner through any and all interactions with the world around you.


What is already in your closet? What do you like about what you already own and what do you not like?

starting with the pieces that you already own and deciding how they do or don’t work for you is a thought provoking process that can lead us to breakthroughs you may not have been expecting.

this process can include closet organization if you’d like. having a clean and organized wardrobe is a great way to help you easily dress well every morning no matter what the occasion.


Special Occasion? Feeling like you need an overhaul? Going Away?

Not that anyone needs a ‘good’ reason to go shopping, but these are all great ones that can sometimes be daunting.

whether stepping into a store gives you anxiety, you simply don’t have the time or you just don’t know where to start - i am here for you.

we can shop together or i can do the shopping for you. I specialize in staying within any and all budgets and truly believe that a wardrobe to be proud of is collected. your ultimate curated wardrobe does not just appear, it takes time. i will take that time with you and work with you so that you feel confident to make the decisions on how to shop even when we are not together.


vacations are vacations for a reason, you’re supposed to be relaxed and at peace. don’t let packing stress you out before the trip even begins!

no matter where you are headed, there is a packing solution to get you to where you are going in a clean, tidy and efficient way.

we can work together to decide what you have that is suitable for your excursion and make a list of needs should there be any.

I can work within as little as 1 week to get you packed and ready for a stylish and memorable getaway to any destination.

and not to worry, because while you are away you will be provided with a physical or digital arsenal of outfit options pairing each piece in multiple ways so that you never have to take the time out to worry ‘what am i going to wear?’